Roanoke Valley Children's Choir Tuition Costs

Tuition costs for the 2018-19 year are:    

(Full year costs, including 2 semesters)

  • A Choir:  $525/year
  • B Choir:  $525/year
  • B+ Choir: $555/year
  • C Choir:  $630/year

** If you have more than one child in the RVCC, we offer a $20 discount per child for any child AFTER the first child.  The first child pays the full price.


Other Choir Expenses:

Formal Concert costumes: (click for more info)Approximately $80
Fall Retreat:Approximately $90
Choir T-shirt: (click for more info)Approximately $15-$20
Required music books:Approximately $15
Concert tickets:$15-$21 for adults
Spring Choral Festival for the A B B+ Choirs:Approximately $180