Formal Costume

All singers new to the choir will need to purchase a new or used formal costume through the RVCC. This is what we wear for our concerts!


Each choir has their own specific formal concert dress. There are several costume ordering days in the RVCC where you can come, try on a sizing line dress, and order either a new or used dress through the choir. 

A & B Choir dress: “Jordan” $71
(plus $7.50 for extra length if needed)

B+ Choir dress: “Crescent” $63(youth) $70 (adult)

Concert Choir Dress: "Enchanted" $86

Along with the dress, girls should please plan to have black hose or black knee highs and black dress shoes to wear with your dress. Concert shoes should be low-heeled, closed toes, comfortable black dress shoes. Black flats are great! Hair should be clean, neatly brushed, and pulled back away from your face, fixed in an extra pretty way! Any hair bows used should please be black. We ask that you not wear any jewelry or perfume.

The bottom of your dress should be hemmed one inch from the floor, with concert shoes on (should fall on the shoe or barely above shoes). If your dress is more than two inches from the floor, please consider re-hemming the dress or buying a new dress.



All boys will wear a Concert Vest and Bow Tie purchased through the choir.

Vest: “Signature” $26
Bow Tie: $5

Along with the black vest and black bow tie, you will also need the following
items to complete your concert attire. Each choir member is responsible
for obtaining these items:

  • White, long-sleeve dress shirt
  • Black dress pants with a black belt
  • Black dress shoes
  • Black Socks

The black vest should fall just below the belt in the center front. Hair should be neatly combed.


To sell a used Concert Dress or Boy’s Vest/Tie

  • Have the item cleaned and on a hanger with a plastic cover from cleaners.
  • Provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope stapled or pinned to the tag of the garment.
  • Decide on a price. If the item is in good condition, half the original price is reasonable (about $35 for the dress and $15 for the vest/tie)
  • Bring your costume and envelope to the Costume Team in the choir room at duPont Chapel on the dates and times listed above. Be prepared to stay a few minutes to fill out an information sheet.
  • If your costume sells, the buyer will write a check to you and we willmail it to you in your self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • If your item does not sell we will send you a note with when and where you can retrieve your item(s).


RVCC Choir T-Shirt

For informal choir performances, choir trips, and special rehearsals, RVCC choristers wear their informal choir uniform.  From head to toe;  well -groomed and fixed hair, the RVCC “Come and Sing” T-Shirt, your best and darkest jeans, and your best sneakers!

All Choristers need to purchase the current Choir T-Shirt.

Choir T-Shirts will be available to purchase on your Active Network account. T-Shirts will not be available to purchase during rehearsals.


T-Shirt Prices:

  • A/B/B+ (Light Blue):  $15 ($18 for 2XL or 3XL)
  • C Choir (Grey):  $17 ($20 for 2XL or 3XL).  


ABB+ Choir T Shirt (Front)

ABB+ Choir T Shirt (Back)

C Choir T Shirt (Front)

C Choir T Shirt (Back)

C Choir "Enchanted Dress"