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Auditions are fast and friendly! But it is good to be prepared!

RVCC audition for students entering 2nd – 8th grade:

For the audition, each child will be asked to sing the first verse of “My Country Tis of Thee”. There will be an accompanist available to play “My County Tis of Thee”. 

The audition will also include checking the vocal range and a musical listening skills evaluation.   Each child will be asked to sing on “Ah” going up the musical scale to see how high and how low they can sing. We will also check each child’s listening skills by playing an “echo” game with the piano where you sing back what you hear. The audition only takes about 5 minutes. And then you’re done!

Practice Singing “My Country Tis of Thee” with the RVCC!

Is your little one nervous about auditioning for the RVCC? We now have a new class for young singers age 4½ - 7 years old that can help prepare for your audition! Their is no audition required to come and join the 6-week Little Singers Class on Mondays from 5:15-6:00. The class is filled with fun sing-a-long songs and beginning musical learning. Learn more about the Little Singers class by clicking here.

RVCC audition for students entering 9th – 12th grade:  

The audition for the older student trying out for the Concert Choir is more in depth than for the younger students auditioning for the Training Choirs.  Please expect the following when auditioning for the Concert Choir:


  1. Sing the alto line of “My Country Tis of Thee” while another person sings the melody.

  2. Learn a new song in English with 2 times to practice and then sing on your own.

  3. Learn a new song in a foreign language with 2 times to practice and then sing on your own.

  4. Sight sing an easy song without any preparation.

  5. Clap a rhythm.

Listening skills

  1. A group of 5-10 notes will be played to be sung back as an echo

  2. Chords will be played and the singer will be asked to recognize and sing back each note of the chord.


Tone Quality, breathing skills, and general music theory knowledge will also be evaluated.