Roanoke Valley Children’s Choir
Volunteer Sign-Ups for 2019-2020

Hello Parents!

2018-19 is a wonderful choir year!  I am so proud of our choristers who have worked so diligently in learning the skill of artful singing.  And also so proud of our many volunteers who help to make this a choir of distinction! Thank you to everyone who has made our 32nd choir year such a great success.  We’ve had a very active parent volunteer group and it shows!!  Thank you with all my heart.

The RVCC has earned a reputation of excellence.  A major contributor of our success is the many choir Moms, Dads, and Grandparents who graciously volunteer their time each week, month and year.  In the Roanoke Valley Children’s Choir, 1 parent/grandparent from each family is asked to volunteer in some way each year. Some people can help a lot – some a little – but everyone needs to help!  In a volunteer driven organization the phrase, “The More, The Merrier” is not only true, but means everything to our success and the success of our young choristers.

On the following pages you will find descriptions of all of our committees.  Please read over these and choose an area (or 2 or 3 or ...) where you would like to volunteer as a committee member.    If you’re currently active on a committee now, please remember to sign up again for next year.

The following committees need leadership for next year:
  • Concert Decorating
  • Concert Round-up
  • Concert Power Point for Senior Presentation at the Spring Concert
  • A/B Attendance
  • Concert and Audition Poster Distribution
  • Events and Promotions (The Grandin Parade, The Strawberry Festival)  

Please carefully consider where you can volunteer as a committee member or chair a committee.   Fill out the sign-up form in this packet and return it at rehearsal before or on March 25 or mail it to me at:  

Kim Davidson
718 Joan Circle
Salem, VA 24153

Thanks so much for your help and I look forward to working with you!
Ms. Davidson

Roanoke Valley Children’s Choir
Volunteer Committee Descriptions:
A, B, B+ Choral Festival:  Responsible for all trip details: coordinating with tour group and Director, making travel arrangements, collecting registration fees, arranging chaperone/room assignments.
A, B, B+ Local School Tour: Organizes school tour for A, B, B+ choirs to three local elementary schools in early December; includes distributing information to choristers, arranging transportation, coordinating schedule with schools.
Alumni Communication:  Maintains alumni roster, sends concert mailings to alumni, and occasionally plans alumni events.
Attendance:  Provides support at all rehearsals; takes attendance, distributes weekly handouts, collects forms/monies returned by choristers, assists Director with rehearsal details, answers parent/chorister questions. Chair is responsible for being at all rehearsals and schedules committee members’ assistance. Committee members agree to be at rehearsal when scheduled to perform their duties—on a rotating basis, 1-2 times a month.
C Choir Trip 2020: Responsible for all trip details: coordinating with tour group and Director, making travel arrangements, collecting registration fees, arranging chaperone/room assignments. (This works great with a team.  Overall Chair, Co-Chairs for registrations and collecting payments, rooming, activities, Travel Book, Busses)
CD/DVD Sales: Responsible for sales of professional RVCC CDs & DVDs: includes distributing order forms, processing orders, reporting personal account information. (Co-chair distributes CDs to local businesses for sale in the community.)   
Concert Decorating:  Responsible for planning and decorating at concert locations (poinsettias and lights for Christmas, potted plants and flowers for spring), coordinating with Ms. Davidson.
Concert Performance:  Co-chairs are Concert Manager and Concert Staffing Coordinator. Responsible for all activities involved on site at the Christmas and Spring concerts on rehearsal dates and concert dates; overseeing/chaperoning children backstage; stage management; coordinated with Concert Decorating chair as needed. Committee members are assigned backstage duties during rehearsal day (prior to concerts) and during concerts.
Concert PowerPoint:  Responsible for compiling Spring Concert PowerPoint presentation of photos from the current choral year. (Co-chair scans all photos for the presentation.)
Concert Programs:  Responsible for Christmas and Spring concert program compilation; works closely with Director and local printer.  Use Microsoft Word to format the text and images in the program. Be very familiar with changing fonts, editing spacing, inserting a table in Word, how to "wrap" text or image, insert images into Word, be able to convert .docx (Word document file) into PDF file or vice versa.

Concert Round-up:  After-concert duties of gathering left-behind items backstage; cleaning up dressing rooms; transporting some materials back to duPont Chapel; supervising/assisting choristers waiting to be picked up.
Events & Promotions:  Help us get the RVCC name out in the community! This committee needs lots of helpers to coordinate and implement fun and promotional events for the RVCC in the Roanoke area including:  The Grandin Road Parade, A Community Carol Sing-A-Long, Book Fair at Barnes and Noble, singing at a Red Sox game, bringing gift baskets to nursing home residents, and a booth with a fun activity at the Strawberry Festival.
Fall Retreat:  Responsible for planning and execution of two-day retreat; coordinating with site and Director; distributing information to choristers, collecting registration fees, arranging chaperone/room assignments.
Formal Costumes:  Facilitates new costume orders for newcomers to choir and for choristers who have outgrown their  costumes or progressed to the next choir; coordinates costume resale; responsible at performances to assist with costuming needs (needle & thread, buttons, pins, bobby pins, brush, comb, hairspray etc.).
Fundraising:  Plans and implements fundraising opportunities for chorister personal accounts; works with Director to choose vendors; distributes information, submits orders, distributes products.
Grant Proposals:  If you have experience or an interest in writing Grant Proposals, we welcome and appreciate your help in this area.
Historian:  Complies and maintains choir scrapbook; photographs choir events.
Music:  Organizes, catalogs, files and distributes music to choristers; members meet during daytime hours three to four days per year to sort choristers’ returned music and collate new music for distribution. (Even a few hours on these days are helpful!)
Newcomer Auditions:  Organizes choir auditions; includes compiling and distributing audition information to schools, scheduling students for audition, assigning committee members to help at auditions (committee members welcome parents/students, distribute printed information, keep order, and assist Director). Auditions are typically held two days in May from 3:30-8:30pm.
Patron Support:  Coordinates efforts to communicate with our patrons.  Welcomes patrons at concerts and corresponds with patrons throughout the year with cards, postcards and 2-4 annual newsletters.  
Photography:  Collects photos from throughout the choir year and prepares them for various forms of display (both digital and traditional).  Should be familiar with Photo-shop and other photography programs. Committee members are needed to submit photos of choir rehearsals and events.
  • Taking pictures at a professional level - Understand settings on a professional camera (the choir camera is a Canon Rebel). Know how to change lighting, ISO, exposure settings, white balance, Lens Focus, aperture, and all general picture settings on the camera.
  • Editing Pictures - Use a photo editing software to enhance image color/lighting on the computer. There is a free photo editor available online (Zoner Photo Studio). Be able to change contrast, exposure, shadows, black point, saturation, clarity, vibrance, tint, temperature, use clone stamp tool, and add text to image.
  • Also know how to take pictures off of the memory card, email full size high res photos, know how to use an online resource such as "google drive" or "dropbox" to send pictures to people who need them, know how to download and upload images.

Practice CD Duplication:  This person or small team of people makes the copies of the finished practice CD’s, put the labels on and puts them in the protective sleeve.  The RVCC provides the duplicator machine, master CD’s, duplicating CD’s, labels, and sleeves. About 600 CD copies are needed each year. This project can be done in your home.
Publicity:  Promotes choir activities to the community through local newspapers, radio, TV and posters; responsible to put up concert posters throughout the valley to advertise concerts.
Risers:  Organizes volunteers, transports and assembles choir risers from their storage in a Vinton warehouse to the Taubman Museum for the annual RVCC Holiday Sing-A-Long.   Must be able to lift 40lbs.
Scholarship:  Reviews scholarship applications; coordinates with Ms. D to manage gift account for disbursing funds to choristers who need assistance with choir expenses.
Spirit Wear:  Responsible for choir t-shirt and spirit wear sales and inventory.
Website:   Design, update, monitor, and gather information to be included on the website.  A lot of personal initiative, organizational skills, and website experience is needed for this position.
Wendy Bucks/Kroger Cards:  Operates on-going fundraiser for chorister personal accounts; involves regular collection of orders/monies, distribution of Wendy Bucks, reporting to personal accounts coordinator; liaison with Wendy contact.
Other:  Occasionally unscheduled projects arise, or a committee chair needs quick help with phone calling, collating, etc………. (please specify day, night, or weekends if need be)