All rehearsals are cancelled for today, March 12, 2018

Hello RVCC!

Happy Snow Day!  All rehearsals are cancelled for today and I hope everyone has a cozy day watching the snow. (And practicing your choir music!!!) We’re going to have a few rehearsals on Thursday to make-up for missing today.  The 50 Nifty flags, and the C Choir are going to have rehearsal on Thursday.  There is no rehearsal on Thursday for the full A, B, B+ choirs – just the 50 Nifty Flag people.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

4:30-5:30      Fifty Nifty Flag people (previously selected and listed in attached document)

                        *Please bring your Williamsburg payment if you haven’t previously done so. 

6:00-7:30     La Boheme opera singers (previously selected) Choir Room.

6:00-7:00     The 3 Dancing Couples from C Choir (Ari, Ryan, David Gepitulan, Adalynn, Claire Lawson and Catherine Sublett)

7:00-7:30      Seniors

7:30-7:45      C Choir row  4 for Patriotic ending practice  

7:45-9:00      Full C Choir rehearsal for choreography polish and perfection.