New RVCC Location!

We are happy to announce a new chapter for the Roanoke Valley Children’s Choir at Bethel Baptist Church.  The location is central to the majority of our singers, the facility is spacious and beautiful, and the people are kind and generous.  It is a wonderful new rehearsal home for the RVCC!

Bethel Baptist Church is located at 1601 S. Colorado St. in Salem. 

It is convenient to 419 and Hwy 81 and is less than 15 minutes from Cave Spring HS, Hidden Valley HS, Northside HS, Patrick Henry HS, Salem HS, Glenvar HS and William Fleming HS.  

The rehearsals will be held in the spacious Sanctuary with small groups, like the A Choir rehearsing in the Choir Room.  We will also have access to the Fellowship Hall for choreography rehearsing and occasional snacks! Parking is available between the main church building and the new Activities building and also across the street.  On rehearsal days, the choir will hire a professional crossing guard to help children cross the street.

Rehearsals will be on the usual Monday schedule beginning on August 27 for the full choir.  

A/B Choir 4:00-5:30

B+ Choir 5:00-6:30

C Choir 7:00-9:00

Our most heartfelt thank you to Bethel Baptist Church for opening their doors to us and supporting our Community Children’s Choir with perfectly suited rehearsal and storage space.  Thank you Bethel Baptist Church!


We are also having Summer Auditions on August 4th at Bethel Baptist!

If you have any questions about the Auditions, please feel free to contact Ms. Kim Davidson, director of the choir.