C Choir Performs at National ACDA in Salt Lake City, Utah

Please join me in congratulating the Concert Choir on the finest performance of the Roanoke Valley Children’s Choir in our 28 year history.  We were polished and perfected in every way from different tone quality styles to spacing, choreography, artistic nuances, intricate dynamics and smiles!!!!  I couldn’t be more proud. Our performances to the 5000 registered attendees were greeted with ENTUSIASTIC standing ovations and even some “whoops and hollers”!!!!

There is a beauty in the moment of extraordinary accomplishment that speaks to your heart and soul – and we experienced that!  We’ve never worked so hard before – and we’ve never had such a moment of such pure joy – and glory!

The trip itself was peppered with challenges – but as always – we persevered!   The forecasted snow for Wednesday eve forced us to leave early and make bus and hotel arrangements on 24 hours’ notice.  A few students became ill in SLC and our chaperones took good care of them and shuffled duties around to care for them.  We were tested to our very limits to be able to attend the final concert of the Conference – the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Symphony with special guests including the Singing Sergeants – but we did that too!  Rehearsal schedules were very strict, singing with the giant organ in the Salt Lake Tabernacle was terrifying because of the sound delay but a worthwhile experience, we walked a LOT, we smiled a lot, we sang a lot, we figured things out a lot, and we had a trip to remember and be so very proud of.

We have been receiving so many kind and generous compliments from concert attendees from all over the country!  Comments include; Splendid! Truly Amazing! I am certainly impressed, You were the most entertaining group I saw!  Wow – wow – Wow!!!  It was so beautiful, I cried.  I’ve never see such control in group choreography – congratulations!  Absolutely beautiful!  When can we hear you again?…..  It’s been fun to get so many, many kind compliments about our performance!

My most heartfelt thank you and love to the Concert Choir for being the smart, kind, dedicated, hard-working, loyal kids, I call my own.

Find the article HERE from The Roanoke Times from January 18, 2015.

Ms. D