B+ Choir Quick Facts:

Rehearsal Time: Mondays, 5:00-6:30pm (BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH - 1601 S COLORADO ST, SALEM, VA) 

Ages:                     9-14 years old (4th– 9th graders)   

Level:                    Most Advanced Training Choir

Size:                       75 – 95 Choristers

Director:               Ms. Kimberly Davidson


About the B+ Choir:

The “B+” Choir is the third level Training Choir.  Continued study in artistic vocal skills of beautiful tone, unison vowels, proper breath support, and basic music reading skills are emphasized.  Part singing is expanded at a higher level of difficulty and most songs are in two or three parts.  Music is sung in several languages, often with the help of a language coach, and musical and artistic expression is emphasized in every song. The “B+” Choir is usually 75-95 members and choristers range in age from 9 – 14 years old (4th – 9th grade).  Performance opportunities include the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts with the RVCC at the Jefferson Center, the annual Community Carol Sing-Along, the ABB+ School Tour in December, and the Music in the Parks Festival in Williamsburg, VA in the Spring.


Behind the Name: Why is it called the “B+” Choir?

“B+” (B plus) stands for the Advanced Bridge Choir. Just like the Bridge Choir, the name of the Advanced Bridge Choir also comes from the musical transitional section in classical music known as the bridge-passage. This passage of music transitions between two parts of a song, smoothing over what would otherwise be an abrupt modulation. The Advanced Bridge Choir acts as a more advanced and longer bridge that leads to learning all the wonderful skills of being in a choir. The B+ Choir is the third level of the 3 training choirs in the RVCC and is our largest and most advanced training choir. It’s where you really start to dig in, work hard, learn even more, and discover what wonderful music there is to be made when we all work together!


Choristers remain in the B+ Choir for 1-4 years until they audition for the C Choir.

*Prerequisite: One year in “B” Choir or placement by Director after audition.